More maths concepts for preschoolers

In a previous post (Kids learning to do maths:  Early numeracy skills)  I mentioned how important is to use mathematical terms as you go about your everyday tasks as a way to introduce maths concepts for preschoolers.  Many math and science geniuses maintain that maths is just a language and when you understand the terms and you […]

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The importance of parental involvement in children’s school achievement

We all generally agree that schooling and education are vitally important to a child’s success in later life, but few people realise that children still spend the majority of their time outside of school.  Parents thus play a very big role in shaping their children’s beliefs and attitudes towards school and schoolwork. Research has shown […]

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A note on teaching kids to respect nature

I stood on Noordhoek Beach today where 19 whales had stranded themselves in the early hours of the morning.  As with most strandings (I suppose), the scene was fairly chaotic. Officials doing all they could to keep the animals alive and comfortable and well-intentioned volunteers trying to help where ever they could. From the corner […]

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