Kids learning: The importance of puzzles

Looking to buy an Educational toy but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options? If in doubt – buy a puzzle.   Puzzles are absolutely great (not only because they allow tired parents a few precious moments of respite while they’re little ones are building them) but also because they help to enhance so […]

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Educating intellectually gifted children

Educating intellectually gifted children can be a rather tricky business.   Many assume that children will very high IQ’s will automatically do well at school, but without the correct intervention intellectually gifted children may never reach their full potential – becoming bored and disillusioned with school, many intellectually gifted children have been known to drop […]

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Kids learning to read: visual figure-ground perception

Visual figure ground perception refers to the ability to distinguish a figure or object from it’s background and is a vital element to reading.  This ability enables emerging readers to focus on words and letters and ignore background prints or blots and smudges on a page.  Practice this skill by letting your emerging read information […]

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