Auditory perception skills and how to support your child in developing these skills

The following aspects are all important in accurate auditory perception: Auditory figure ground Enables one to focus on one sound between a background of other sounds. Children need this ability to be able to hear their teacher’s voice in a noisy classroom. • Play background music, while giving the child different instructions. See if he […]

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Kids learning: What is auditory perception?

Kids Learning: What is Auditory Perception? Put simply, auditory perception refers to the interpretation of information sent to the brain via the ears and as such covers much more than just functional hearing. Children experiencing auditory perceptual problems hear words differently from the way other children hear them. They confuse similar sounding words (e.g. train […]

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The importance of play in early childhood development

The importance of play in early childhood development: Heidi Britz-Crecelius (Children at play, preparation for life; Floris Books, Edinburgh, 1979) summed up the importance of play in childhood with the words: “There is nothing that human beings do, know, think, hope and fear that has not been attempted, experienced, practiced or at least anticipated in […]

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