Crossing the midline (Bilateral integration)

Bilateral integration is the ability to use the two sides of the body in a coordinated way, for instance when walking your left leg and right leg need to work together in order in for you to move forward.  Crossing the midline is an important element of Bilateral integration.  Imagine for a moment an invisible […]

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My favourite educational games

There is a virtually endless list of educational games and products available on the market which, collectively focus on pretty much every aspect of education and learning imaginable.  But in this post I want to invite you to explore the educational benefits of some common games which are either completely free or generally available in […]

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Two quick tips to curb impulsivity

  A common complaint from teachers and parents is that their children act impulsively, often shouting out answers before thinking the problem through or starting a task before they instructions had been given in full.  This impulsivity may cause them to be disruptive in a classroom environment and take making seemingly “careless” mistakes during tests […]

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