What is sensory processing disorder?

The term sensory processing disorder is often bandied around – but what does it mean? Sensory processing (also known as sensory integration) is, in essence what your brain does with the information it receives from your senses.  Without even realising it our sense organs are constantly gathering information from the environment around us and our […]

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What is selective mutism?

Children who suffer from selective mutism are able to speak and have a good understanding of language, but do not speak in specific situations or to specific people. Experts have found that children with selective mutism suffer from severe anxiety and it is this anxiety that prevents them from speaking – in essence the mutism […]

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Assessment as a tool to help plan support for a child

The aim of an assessment is not only to help identify a learning difficulty.  Undoubtedly it is a relief for most parents to finally know why their child has been struggling, but this is only the first step.  Once an in-depth assessment has been done and we have an overall, integrated picture of how the […]

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