How Can You Help a Child Struggling with Motor Development?

When it comes to children’s development, fine motor skills are extremely important. It helps them to complete the most basic everyday tasks, such as picking up items and writing. If your child experiences any issues with these activities, they might have problems with fine motor development. It’s always important to identify these issues earlier rather […]

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The Importance of Good Fine Motor Skills

As a parent, you play a very important role in your child’s development, and this includes the development of their fine motor skills. One of the most important things that you can do for your child’s development is giving them fun and interactive opportunities which will help them develop their fine motor skills in a […]

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Understanding Motor Development in Children

When a baby spends a lot of time on their backs or stomachs, it helps to develop their coordination, balance, and muscle strength. And after a lot of concentration and practice, babies will be able to reach and grasp objects, and roll over, among others. Sitting and Reaching An example would be where a baby […]

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What is Fine Motor Development in Young Children?

If you notice your child struggling with tasks like using scissors or writing, the term ‘fine motor skills’ may have come up. But what exactly are fine motor skills? Let’s take a closer look. Fine motor skills involve movements that make use of the small muscles in the hands and wrists. These skills enable kids […]

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A Look at Today’s Numbers in Autism [Infographic]

Anel AnnandaleAnel Annandale is a prominent Educational Psychologist with a passion for early childhood development and a special interest in neuropsychology. She is experienced in the field and has established herself as an expert, often appearing on television shows such as Exspresso. She is also available as a guest speaker at relevant events and functions. […]

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