What is a child psychologist?

I answered a telephonic inquiry to my practice a few days ago and found myself blowing bubbles while trying to explain exactly what a child psychologist is and what it is that they do.  You see, the answer to this seemingly simple question is in fact amazingly complex. Why?  Well, because technically there is no […]

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How Can You Help a Child Struggling with Motor Development?

When it comes to children’s development, fine motor skills are extremely important. It helps them to complete the most basic everyday tasks, such as picking up items and writing. If your child experiences any issues with these activities, they might have problems with fine motor development. It’s always important to identify these issues earlier rather […]

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Understanding Autism in Children

Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is a wide degree of variation in the way it affects people. Every child on the autism spectrum has unique abilities, symptoms, and challenges. Learning about the different autism spectrum disorders will help you better understand your own child, get a handle on what all the different […]

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Understanding Dyscalculia in Children

Dyscalculia is a learning disability in math. Kids with dyscalculia can have trouble with quantities and concepts like bigger and smaller. They may also struggle with math symbols and more complex math. Having dyscalculia doesn’t mean kids aren’t smart. But they may have a hard time applying what they know to solve math problems. The […]

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Stages of Cognitive Development in Children

The Piaget stages of development is a blueprint that describes the stages of normal intellectual development, from infancy through adulthood. This includes thought, judgment, and knowledge. The stages were named after psychologist and developmental biologist Jean Piaget, who recorded the intellectual development and abilities of infants, children, and teens. Piaget’s four stages of intellectual (or […]

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